Vapor Flask SX350J

New release of the Vapor Flask, the Vapor Flask SX.


     Still manufactured and assembled in The United States, right here in The Former Confederate People’s Republic of Georgia. The chip is the Yihi SX350J VF temperature control- the same chip that comes in the SX Mini M Class, however the board has been reworked by moving the screen off the board to accomodate a top mount display.


     The specification on my unit are slightly different than what is in the manual. This may be because firmware may have been revised shortly before production. The specifications on my unit are:

100 Watts of power

10-75 Joules in temperature control mode.

Bypass mode option.

.Drives loads from .15 ohm to 3.0 ohm.

USB Firmware support


     I will not get into any discussions over Joules. What I will tell you is that It is the energy dissipated as heat when one ampere passes through a resistance of one ohm for one second. It is named after the English physicist James Prescott Joule. Glad I could clear that up for you.


     There are volumes of information / opinions on line about the SX Mini M Class. There’s also volumes of information and opinions about the VaporFlask. There also are volumes of flame wars opinions on SX350J chip – in the form of (a) how the SX350J is so great and the DNA 40 sucks or (b) why the DNA 40 is so great and the SX350J sucks- theres a lot to be learned here. There are volumes of information out there and there are volumes of assholes out there with opinions (because that’s what every asshole has, right?) about the SX Mini M Class, the VaporFlask, and the board they share- the SX350J. Lots of information. Lots more assholes. Even volumes more assholes who have never used one, but still have an opinion. Welcome to the internet.

      What I can tell you is that essentially it’s the familiar Vaporflask design with an SX Mini M class chip that packs slightly more balls than what comes in the SX Mini and one hell of a lot more balls than what came in the VF ver 2.1 that preceeded it.  You can’t even compare the DNA40 VF to the VF SX350J- it’s a 150% power increase. However if power isn’t your thing ( the DNA 40 still is more than adequate for me), the power settings feature of the SX350J can be tailored to get a quicker ramp up time than what any other chip out there- including the DNA40- can do. THAT I like and it works quite well. Want that big punch right off the bat? With this you got it, and you can tailor it, too.

      It gets better too- even with dual batteries the VaporFlask SX is lighter than the single 18650 SX Mini. It feels no heavier than my VF 2.1.  It is exactly the same dimensions as the VF 2.1 and the Vapor Shark VaporFlask – looks the same-  however it will be more familiar to people who have used an SX Mini. Exactly the same SX350J menu in all it’s overkill glory, except it’s on top. It’s even got the cool tilt-to-raise/lower-settings (“gravity sensor“), the 5 memory settings and is USB firmware supported. Everything you loved about the SX Mini. For all others including owners of other Vaporflask products- there’s going to be a learning curve. It’s not bad at all though, as once you get the feel of it, you’ll be able to access any user feature and adjust any setting with just one finger on the fire button. 

     So why did the guys at Vaporflask go to the Yihi SX350J instead of the Evolv DNA200?

     This has been the burning question that as caused many people with no lives to write conspiracy theories instead of (a) sleeping (b) getting a job or (c) coming to the conclusion that they just can’t live in mommies basement forever. This question ranks right up there with JFK, Saddam Hussein’s Stargate, fake moon landings and what really happened to Tupac and Biggie Smalls.

      One of the guys from VF was interviewed and stated that the primary concern was that they wanted to keep the current dimensions of the unit. They’re also small business guys selling a specialty product and the tooling isn’t even a year old- a substantial expense to get someone up and running with a unique product. They even retooled to build the V2 models. To have built a VF with the DNA 200 would have required a complete retooling as the design would have to be larger. Looking at a VF in pictures on the internet and seeing and holding one in real life is completely different. If you have never seen one in the real world (yes, the internet is not the real world), they are smaller than you think they are. Take away their 19th century steampunkishness styling, they are really a very compact mod with dual 18650’s. Secondly from discussions with VF community, using a LIPO battery pack was immediately dismissed. The idea of building a larger mod with THREE 18650’s (which would be required for a DNA200) would require it to be redesigned to the point that the characteristic shape of the mod would be lost.

Differences between the SX and the V2.1 VaporFlask


For owners of the previous versions of Vaporflasks, aside from the SX350J chip, there are a few minor changes. I will not be comparing it to a VaporShark Vaporflask, as (1) I have never had access to one and (2) it’s a rebranded clone (however it’s no Mustang II- it’s a device that has been brought up to Vaporshark standards, and it does have that cool rubberised coating so that’s not a bad thing).


The bottom of the case is now made out of stainless steel with stainless steel battery caps
. This was a known weak area and really beefs the device up. I would have liked to see them use the easy twist battery caps that they designed for the Vaporshark Vaporflask.


That little telltale charge light when charging batteries via USB is gone. No more glowing red or green LED. The only indication that the unit is charging is on the display. Otherwise, you still have that same slow ass .5 amp charging that you know and love.


     The classic oval recessed screen with the soft blue display is gone. There’s now a larger rectangular cutout with the lens flush with the top.

     The two menu buttons have been replaced with a three position switch– push on left, push on right or push in the center to activate both. Would have been a nice feature for the DNA40’s for accessing TC settings, but ironically- there never is a need to press both menu buttons with an SX chip.

     No venting slots on the 510. You are using atomizers with airflow, yes?

     All my 18650’s fit into it perfectly. Seemed to be an issue in previous versions.

Currently, you can have any color you want as long as it’s black. Personally I’d love to see a brushed aluminum model to show off its 19th century heritage. However I think the guys dead nailed the black finish- a textured semi gloss powdercoated finish and not an anodized finish like on the previous VF’s. It feels pleasant and isn’t a fingerprint magnet.



Had to throw that in I suppose, just for the box collectors. A box, a manual and a USB cable too. Exciting, eh?

These have been available since September 3rd for people who preordered directly from VaporFlask. $269 USD-