Evic VTC Mini dissasembled, polished mod

Personally I like polished or machine finished mods. I would prefer manufacturers of stainless or a aluminum mods to offer their mods in a brushed, polished or machined bare finish.

polished evicRecently I came across an aqua Joytech Evic Mini TC kit for $25 shipped. Even came with the Ego One tank. In a very short time, someone used it , abused it, and ultimately decided it wasn’t for them. Completely understandable- this is not your kit that a first time buyer should buy to get off smoking.

I have reviewed a VTC Mini (the pearl white one) and really like the device. However I noticed that these were advertised to be built out of stainless- so why wouldn’t Joytech make a brushed stainless one, like the Joytech Egrip (which I also have)?

So basically I decided to take this complete VTC Mini kit  and rid itself of being doomed in aqua. Yes people- it’s called aqua- not teal, not tiffany. It’s fucking aqua. Bluish Green. . It’s been called aqua for several hundred years in the English language. Regardless, I wouldn’t get caught dead with it- I’m just not gay enough to be caught in aqua.

Once the battery door is removed, two screws hold the device together. Simply remove and pull hard. A spring will pop out from the positive battery post.

Anodized aluminum finishes can be removed with oven cleaner and cause no harm to clear acrylics- I’ve stripped anodizing off of several  mods without removing the display. However on the VTC Mini, Joytech powdercoated the finish. And it’s tough. Tanks screwing onto this mod will not scratch through the finish. To remove the finish will require something more than soaking it in over cleaner.

Aircraft paint remover. Unfortunately, I was not able to remove the clear outer display bezel , even despite soaking in alchohol. I went ahead and soaked the shell in aircraft remover and the outer acrylic bezel came off- and melted. This is ok, The display screen on the chip will fill the void. After about 45 miutes, all the “tiffany” was gone. A soak down in laquer thinner , sanding with 360 grit wet, and a polish using Meguire’s aluminum polish and a 400 grit red Scotchbrite pad gets the shine. Ready for assembly.